Baby Massage Taster Sessions

March Baby Massage classes are in full swing here at the Fox Den with our Badgers group babies loving their chill out time! If you would like to see if Baby Massage Classes are something that you & your baby would enjoy why not join us for one of our Taster baby massage classes near chester wrexham toldClasses?

Learn a lovely six step mini massage to practice at home with baby. Our mini massage will help calm & soothe baby, ease tummy aches & clear stuffy noses whilst you spend relaxing time with your little one. Most classes are accompanied by the sounds of giggles from our happy babbas. We will chat you through how our classes progress to build a full body massage to help with all manner of baby gripes with step by step guides to take home with you. If you enjoy your taster class we’d love to welcome you to our five week course & the £5 taster booking fee will be credited towards your choice of course start date. Classes start at 10am – plenty of time to get siblings to school or just to round up the million things required to take a small person out of the house! Our classes are friendly  & welcoming with 6-8 in a class they’re a great way to meet other mums & make connections. Our mums love to stay for coffee & chatter after classes with snoozy babies!

Our Baby Massage classes are held at Cass Davies Photography‘s custom designed newborn studio, with everything you could need on hand to keep you & baby comfortable – squashy sofas & breastfeeding pillows, a fully stocked changing table. Hot water dispenser for heating bottles & a fully stocked biscuit jar!

You can find dates for our taster classes on the Calendar they  are approximately every six weeks in between terms of our Monday & Friday five week courses. Booking now is Friday 26th May – pop us a message to reserve your limited space now.





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