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Baby Massage Timetable


Whether you are a first time Mummy looking for a relaxed class to spend some quality time with your new baby, or if your other children have now gone back to school and you find yourself at a loose end, here at the Fox Den, in Aston Park,  we have updated our Autumn timetable for our classes.

This term we have decided to run our drop in classes at 1pm on a Friday, to give mum’s some flexibility, especially if mornings are nap time or you have other classes you would like to attend.


autumn timetable baby massage Chester Flintshire







Our 5 week course builds you up step by step to a full 1 hours massage for baby. On the course you will have access to exclusive online video tutorials, so partners and grandparents at home can have a go, You will receive weekly handouts to keep and take home with full pictures of strokes you have learnt that week, and our on going support.  The squirrels course is available to book now for £45, giving you 5 weeks of classes. Places on booked the 12th September  2017 will receive a free drop in class, to use once you have completed your course.

We look forward to meeting you and your little ones when the course starts.

The Fox Den team


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